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This area of Project Dana is for scientific research contributions that are associated with a scientific paper or journal article. It provides a permanent link from which readers can download the code or other associated material for your paper so that your experiments or demonstrations can be easily recreated.
When creating a research entry here you will be given a permanent link of the form http://research.projectdana.com/venueYEARname at which to host your files.
Note that once your paper is accepted for publication it is not normally possible to further modify or delete your files from the Project Dana research network.
Recent published results
ARM 2018:
Towards Emergent Microservices for Client-Tailored Design, Rodrigues, Pereira de Sa, Porter, Costa.
GI 2018:
Experiments in Genetic Divergence for Emergent Systems, McGowan, Wild and Porter.
TAAS 2017:
Defining Emergent Software using Autonomous Assembly, Perception and Learning, Rodrigues and Porter.
ARM 2016:
Experiments with a Machine-centric Approach to Realise Distributed Emergent Software Systems, Rodrigues and Porter.
OSDI 2016:
REX: A Development Platform and Online Learning Approach for Runtime Emergent Software Systems, Porter, Grieves, Rodrigues and Leslie.
SASO 2016:
Losing Control: The Case for Emergent Software Systems using Autonomous Assembly, Perception and Learning, Porter and Rodrigues.
CBSE 2014:
Runtime Modularity in Complex Structures: A Component Model for Fine Grained Runtime Adaptation, Porter.